Yes, you should wave in a Zoom call 💯
Derek Cowan
Derek Cowan
May 19, 2021
1 min
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Yes, you should wave in a Zoom call 💯

Bizarrely when I started teaching online, I found myself waving at my students. This might sound a little strange to those that don’t wave but I have found waving completely normal and good manners.

These past 14/15 months have been life-changing for most around the world and video calls are a welcome sight to most of us. Seeing our friends, family, colleagues or in my case students is always a pleasant experience.

Greeting my students with a wave is important to me. It’s not only to say hello. It confirms I can see them and shows I’m happy to see them.

You know what video calls can occasionally be like. No sound, no video, no connection or poor video. We know these things happen, and our first instinct is to use our body language to convey these problems. For example, we cup our ear to indicate no sound.

Can't hear you

So a wave combined with a friendly smile and hello can confirm everyone can see, hear and have no issues.

When ending a video call

That’s it, the call is over. So to avoid an abrupt end to the call, a wave will help you know if all is done and nothing more is left to say. The last thing we want to do is hang up on someone that has something to say.

So if you haven’t been waving in your calls you should definitely start!

You will feel more human… I promise!!!

I hope you found this post useful and if you have any questions please comment below.

Thanks for reading and never stop learning! Derek


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Derek Cowan

Derek Cowan

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