The Present Simple tense
Derek Cowan
Derek Cowan
May 28, 2021
1 min
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Level: Beginner

What is The Present Simple?

The present simple is used to make simple statements or facts, to talk about things that happen repeatedly, and to describe things that are always true.

The Present Simple can be used correctly if we remember these key rules. A common mistake I see with students is not adding -s to the base verb when using he/she/it.

With I/you/we/they use the base form verb. 👨🏻/➡️👤/👥⬅️/➡️👥

I work online.

With he/she/it add -s to the base form. 👤👨🏻/👤👩🏻/🐶

He works online.


We drink coffee every morning. 👥⬅️ ☕️ every 🌄.

She drinks coffee every morning. 👤👩🏻 ☕️ every 🌄.

We start school at 8am. 👥⬅️ start 🏫 at 8️⃣am

He starts school at 8am. 👤👨🏻 starts 🏫 at 8️⃣am.

They leave work at 5pm. They 🚪⬆️ ⚙️ at 5️⃣pm.

Derek leaves work at 8pm. Derek 🚪⬆️ ⚙️ at 8️⃣pm.

-s and -es Endings

With some verbs -es is added for he/she and it. These include verbs ending with -sh, -ch, -o, -ss, -x and -z.

I go to bed. ➡️ He goes to bed.

I finish work. ➡️ He finishes work.

I watch TV. ➡️ She watches TV.

I cross the road. ➡️ She crosses the road.

I fix cars. ➡️ She fixes cars.

Their phones buzz all day. ➡️ His phone buzzes all day.

The next lesson will use “BE” in the present simple.

I hope you found this article on the simple present useful. If you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover. Please comment below.

Thanks for reading and never stop learning! Derek


Derek Cowan

Derek Cowan

English Teacher

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